Richard Franklin - Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

I am a Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach with over 4000 hours spent 1-2-1 with clients. 

Over the course of my career I have gained experience assisting clients aged between 11 & 74, some with learning disabilities, mental health issues & many with injuries at various stages of rehabilitation. 

My clients will always be encouraged to work on long-term sustainable changes to ensure self-efficacy when we have completed our programme of work. 

I undertake a separate Nutrition programme to suit all body composition or performance goals. I use Nutrium software to manage the programme, further details can be found following the image link further dow this page.

**Currently at capacity with a waiting list for March 2019**

I am due to complete my L1 British Triathlon Coaching Certificate march 2019 after which I will be branching out into Duathlon & Triathlon Coaching using the TrainingPeaks software.

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