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You will be prescribed a periodised training plan and nutrition plan that will drive your performance towards race day.

Many of Richards nutrition clients are triathlon athletes competing at varying levels therefore Richard has created a one stop shop for triathlon athletes. Working in structured blocks of sport-specific training he will also synchronise the required fuel for performance & recovery.

Utilising an online coaching platform, TrainingPeaks & his remote nutrition programme he can precisely manage your progress towards an event. 



Each week will be set via TrainingPeaks & sent to your app or desktop.

We will communicate via the app to ensure I am aware of your progress & potential limitations to training.

Each week we will review via Skype or FaceTime to ensure the following weeks training is set appropriately.

Your nutrition plan will follow your training plan to allow for sufficient fuelling for performance but also allow for any body composition goals.


“I have struggled with previous Duathlons particularly on my second run. So I explained my problems to Richie, he asked me to do a weeks food diary along with my training programme and straight away he noticed that I was very short on my calorie intake and more important certain food groups. Richie set a new calorie target to incorporate the food groups that I was lacking in, I have since been following his advise and feel I have so much more energy, my training has been much improved, i have since qualified for the 2020 GB age group duathlon championships but more importantly for me I finished first in my age group and felt great at the end of the race, Nutrition was certainly a key factor for me. Highly recommend Richie .”


This year I had stepped up my goals and signed up to a triathlon training camp at the end of March with the guys at Total Transition Training, another part of Creation PT. Whilst I had stepped up my physical training in all areas I hadn’t really addressed my nutritional issues. I went to Richie at the end of February and asked him for some help because I had heard nothing but positive things about him. He gladly put me on a 5 week plan. My weakness is my sweet tooth but the fact that I had to track everything on an app really made me accountable along with the fact that all my facts and figures I needed were there to hand to help me through the day. By the time I left for Lanzarote I was 10lbs lighter, my BMI was down, my lean muscle mass was up and everything was going in the right direction. I now see Richie approximately once a month to keep me on the straight and narrow. He has helped me to learn and appreciate that it’s so much more than the number on the scales. I am stronger. I am fitter. I am lighter. I am leaner. Thanks Richie.”



What is Training Peaks?

Training Peaks is an online coaching platform that links up coaches with athletes. It has app functionality that allows seamless communication. There is a free version and a paid version available.

What equipment do I need to start?

A bike, and a pair of trainers. That’s it.




3 months (remote only)

(Bookable online)


6 months (remote only)

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9 months (remote only)

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