Sue Foster; 13 Week Nutrition Coaching Results

Every client I work with creates opportunities. Opportunities for all involved.

There is no one particular blueprint that I can follow to ensure my client achieves their goals. I have to ask difficult questions, agree goals & take it from there. Why? Every human is unique, not just physically, but emotionally also.

I record LOTS of data. A fair mix of physical & observational data. Why? Every human is unique, not just physically, but emotionally also.

What did we do?

Sue is totally selfless & ‘number 1’ was not her priority. I make no apologies to say this was my first task; Make Sue think about ‘number 1’ first & foremost.

What she needed to eat was nobody’s business but her own & what everyone else was eating was none of her business. That means my chocolate buttons, Sue 😉

From her food diary we worked out what foods would be enhanced & what would be tweaked in terms of amounts. We set a meal plan to suit her activity & NEAT for a day or so & she cracked on. We met weekly to review data, take data & discuss the highlights & the challenges faced. We used this to decide how to proceed. Sue has some the toughest challenges anyone has to encounter, still ongoing. She persevered & we used these as opportunities to really nail down why her day-to-day nutrition was the ‘number 1’ priority.

I use scales. And what? I use the number on the scales. And what? I use lots of other numbers too… To devastatingly good effect.

We measured circumferences each week. Sue lost 21.5cms evenly across the five sites.

We measured skin-folds each week. Sue lost 51mm evenly across the four sites, in particular her Subscapular measurement which means we have curtailed any future health concerns that may have arisen from having a high measurement.

The number on the scales decreased by 8.2lbs. Looking at the other numbers we can see what that 8.2lbs was made up of… Body fat.

Over the course of the 13 weeks we have covered pretty much every scenario that could present itself to blocking good nutrition. You can look at the scales every day, once a week, twice a week & there doesn’t have to be an emotional response. Track your food, prepare your food, have a contingency plan to pre-empt any instances that would normally create a deviation (chopped up chocolate Protein bar in a bag, next to your apple & water)

I know Sue had some frustrations with the way I delivered the programme. I’m ok with it, she achieved a lot more than she realises yet. I created a situation where she had to figure some stuff out for herself. Thus ensuring different decision making. Habit changes are still happening. Well done Sue & thank you 🙂

What can you do?

You could look at the highlighted words & links in this piece & pretty much change your whole outlook on nutrition, alternatively If you want to discuss how I could guide you – drop me an email

Kindest – Richard