Richard is passionate about nutrition & is a qualified Precision-Nutrition Coach, he understands how nutrition plays the main role in any goal sought. 
He has a proven record of coaching major body composition changes whether that is to safely gain weight (muscle mass) or to safely lose weight (body fat) 

Over the last 5 years Richard has developed a nutritional coaching programme that deals with the real issues that dictate body composition. Continuing his professional development he has take a step further in his qualifications to become a L4 Behaviour Change Specialist. This enables him to coach the individual smartly & effectively using habit changing protocols & SMART goal setting.

Richard believes environment is key therefore has recently opened a consultation room specifically for coaching clients who need a private space to discuss their goals & progress


We are looking to work out a sustainable, positive approach to food that enables you to manage your body composition easily without the use of fad diet protocols.

We will use your current body composition & activity levels to work out your optimum calorie requirement.

A Fitbit will be supplied for the duration of the programme to allow us to closely monitor energy expenditure.

Every week we will review your food choices, step data & measurements to ensure we are progressing towards your weekly & monthly goals.



The focus is on habit changes that bring about a positive relationship with food & allow the client to eat intuitively. This allows the client to gain control of their body composition.

I couldn’t recommend this guy highly enough! he has helped me develop a healthy relationship with food.”

The focus is on habit changes that bring about a positive relationship with food & allow the client to eat intuitively. 

This allows the client to gain control of their body composition. 

Make a Change

Real People. Real Results.


Richard has always been aware of the importance of nutrition as the foundation of any training programme or body composition change. Completing his Precision Nutrition Level 1 immediately after qualifying as a Personal Trainer allowed him to hit the ground running with his clients. 

Richard decided to split his business into two & run a stand alone nutrition coaching programme to allow a greater focus & ultimately a better experience for his clients. 

The programme has been developed over years of working with individuals & continuing professional development. Richard is currently studying towards a Level 4 qualification in Behaviour Change. This will allow him to develop the skills necessary to maximise the clients experience. 


“Would like to thank Richie for helping me get back on track with my nutrition planning and goals. I never could loose weight the last 2 years and now it’s shifting and I’m loosing inches too.
I am really happy and now I’ve got focused to my calorie intake.
Thank you so much!” Emma

“I can recommend Richard Franklin’s nutrition plan wholeheartedly. I signed up for the 5 week plan. I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, but I was struggling to do it while training for a marathon and leading 2 run groups. Richard’s approach really worked for me. I tracked what I ate and then he developed a plan based on the kinds of foods I liked which is key to sticking to a plan.” Ann

“I trained with Rich in the lead up to my wedding and I also trained with him during pregnancy and afterwards. Post natal training with Rich has been very considered measured and sensitive to my body changes and my changes in fitness. He has guided me on nutrition and we are working towards a 16 week goal.” Natalie


Where are the Nutrition consultations held?

In a private consultation space on Milner Road in Heswall.

How often do I have a session?

We will space 13 sessions out appropriately based on what suits you and your needs.





(Bookable via Richard only)


13 SESSIONS (remote + Heswall)

(Bookable online)