Type2 Diabetes – The Reversal

Richard Alexander Franklin - thefranklinmethod

Hello, my name is Richard & I am a Nutrition Coach who focusses on sustainable solutions for excellent nutrition.

I am going to discuss a very dangerous, albeit a very attainable condition, Type2 Diabetes.

First of all lets look at energy balance.. 

Calories IN is more Calories OUT = weight gain (probably fat unless you’re hitting enough protein every day & doing some serious lifting, then there will be ‘some’ muscle)

Calories IN is less that Calories OUT = weight loss (could be fat, could be muscle, always remember that single number on the scales doesn’t tell you exactly what has been lost)

A positive energy balance from overfeeding (and/or under-exercising) has its own host of repercussions. Weight gain is the most obvious consequence, but health & cellular fitness suffer too: plaques can build up in our arteries; blood pressure & cholesterol can increase; we can become insulin resistant & begin to suffer from diabetes; our risk for certain cancers increases, and the list goes on.

Type2 Diabetes.. 

Around 90% of those suffering with diabetes have Type2. 

Unlike people with type1 diabetes people with type 2 diabetes make insulin. But the insulin their pancreas secretes either isn’t enough or their body can’t recognise the insulin and use it properly; Insulin Resistance.

When there isn’t enough insulin or the insulin isn’t used as it should be, glucose (sugar) can’t get into your cells. It builds up in your bloodstream instead. This can damage many areas of the body. Also, since cells aren’t getting the glucose they need, they don’t work like they should.

• Body composition & activity levels can promote the onset of Type2 Diabetes.

• Body composition & activity levels can reverse Type2 Diabetes.

What is Diabetes Remission?

Diabetes remission in people with Type 2 diabetes means that your blood sugar levels are healthy without needing to take any diabetes medication.

The key aspect is that it can come back so it’s important that the measures taken to reverse your Diabetes are sustainable & you are able to maintain them. 

We are going to look at how this can work

Ian has been training with me twice a week for the last 16 months, turning 70 recently. His diabetes is currently in remission & holding. His two previous diabetic reviews have seen consistent decreases in sugar levels, improved blood pressure & a maintenance of a healthy body weight;

  • Sugar Levels at 5.6 – down from 7.5
  • Blood Pressure currently at 130/68 
  • Body Fat % stays within 28 & 31
  • Lean Muscle Mass stays within 146 & 148lbs
  • Overall bodyweight stays within 221 & 224lbs

Training twice a week, lifting weights has helped.

Playing Golf has helped.

Walking has helped.

Gardening has helped. 

Eating enough protein to nourish his body mass has helped.

Eating the correct amounts of carbohydrates to suit his activity levels has helped.

Eating the correct amounts of dietary fats has helped. 

Making sure he applied all the above is the key. 

All of the levels/weights/percentages mentioned above are sustainable. Ian is able to eat pretty much what he fancies but it has to fall within what he needs that day. He enjoys a glass of wine now & again and he enjoys a steak. He is enjoying being retired & not allowing Type2 Diabetes to restrict his life. 

If any of the figures above deviate then we review his weekly intake but we have never had to restrict any one food group. When we don’t train together for whatever reason we discuss what can do to replicate the energy expenditure or if there are changes he can make to his food. 

Aside from this, Ian is a strong as an Ox. He deadlifts 75kg, approximately 50 reps per session. He can lift 12kg kettlebells above his head & he can 1-Arm Row 20kg with perfect form. 

He’s strong, he’s got Diabetes in remission & he’s having a ball. 

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