Nutrition & Training – Hand in Hand

Me & Sue started working together in October 2018 solely to organise her nutrition. 

It was a case of consuming just enough energy to facilitate a predominantly stressful job & a very active lifestyle. 

We needed to instil a consistent approach. As always this takes some trial & error with lots of patience. 

There were aesthetic & athletic goals discussed but these were secondary to the habits & routines that needed to be incorporated first. 

I’m going to let the images tell you how she has got on 🙂 

Aside from that;

Sue has found a range of calories that suit her activity & work. It’s approximately 2100 calories (although this is creeping up as she has a large muscle mass to maintain) we consume about 162g of protein per day, consistently, every day, non negotiable.. 😉 

The food comes a wide variety of sources. Loads of fruit & veg with lots of protein & lots of carbs. 

Sue started training with me soon after & we have been training consistently for 9 months now. We are preparing for her first CrossFit competition in September. 

Training presently consists of competition specific conditioning & lots of strength work. 

When nutrition & training come together this is what happens; Awesome work Sue, thank you.