Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer & British Triathlon Coach.


Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer & British Triathlon Coach.


Personal Training

Richard works with the client closely to ensure they can work at an optimum level within their capabilities.
His client experience ranges between 11 & 75 year old males & females with each client having their own personal training experience.


The focus is on habit changes that bring about a positive relationship with food & allow the client to eat intuitively.
This allows the client to gain control of their body composition.

Multi Sport

Utilising an online coaching platform, TrainingPeaks & his remote nutrition programme Richard can precisely manage your progress towards an event.


After completing the 13 week nutrition course with Rich I couldn’t recommend this guy highly enough! he has helped me develop a healthy relationship with food and it was easier than I thought it was going to be! He’s been there with advice and a telling off when needed!! I feel fitter and healthier than I have done in years, with my development in the gym and at running being an added bonus. his encouragement and passion for protein has been amazing!! Rebecca

I went to see Ritchie 5 weeks ago & he has changed the way I eat, think & sleep. I needed a kick up the back side as I was choosing the wrong food & my exercise was suffering for it. Ritchie taught me how to choose wisely & fill up on important, balanced foods. I cannot thank Ritchie enough & would definitely recommend him to anyone. In fact I would shout his praises from the highest mountain. I aim to be a lean, mean fighting machine & Ritchie has given me the tools to accomplish this. Thank you Ritchie, you are worth your weight in gold. Lisa